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Your resume should prompt hiring managers to grab the phone and find out more.

Is it working?

  • You’re ready to accomplish more.

  • You want to find breakthrough solutions for your next employer.

  • You’re eager to build financial security, while making a difference in your niche.

Seeking your next position is exciting.

A great resume rises through applicant tracking systems (ATS) and reaches the right hiring professionals. Its tone and keywords speak the hiring manager’s language, triggering his or her core emotions and needs. It compels that person to pick up the phone, eager to learn more.

But, as you may have discovered, things don’t always happen that way.

  • You can submit your resume to the major job boards and hear nothing for weeks—or even months.

  • Anxiety grows, as you watch your savings dwindle.

  • And let’s face it: Waiting endlessly for an interview can dampen your confidence.

That’s sad, because you really do have a lot to offer.

  • Everyone has talents and strengths.

  • Rare is the worker with no accomplishments to show on a resume.

  • No one should be stuck on their path to success.

But mining the gems from your experience is tricky. And trying to present them in a way that gets attention can be frustrating--and time-consuming.

That’s where I love to help.

Using copywriting skills, keyword research, and the latest formatting standards to get your resume through the ATS, I’ll craft a resume that gets the attention you need to land your next position.

  • I’ll listen to your ambitions and hopes.

  • I’ll research your industry, and find the keywords that spark desire in hiring managers.

  • I’ll write a resume that follows today’s practices, so you can rest assured it

will be seen and read by the right people.

  • Finally, I’ll carefully proofread and edit it, so you won’t be eliminated for a single typo or mistake.

Want to learn more? Contact me here. I’d love to be part of your journey to success!

Columba Smith is a member of the National Resume Writers' Association.


"Columba was professional and thorough.... She not only provided an outstanding resume, but also answered many of my questions... She would even... tap into her professional network to find answers for questions she wasn't sure about."

Rob Rhoads, IT  Manager


"Columba wrote my resume. I got the first job I applied for!"

Caleb, Engineering Student



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"Columba [is] a seriously  excellent writer. Excellent cover letter, and boy! does this save me time and work!!!"

Verjene Kalashian, Speech-Language Pathologist



"Columba's assistance with the resume revival/building process helped tremendously. When my resume hit the job boards, I received responses by recruiters without end and an offer for employment within a week."

C.C., Registered Nurse



Know the


  • About 250 candidates submit resumes to the average corporate job opening. (Glassdoor)

  • As of 2016, 95 percent of large companies used Applicant Tracking Systems. (ZipJob)

  • About 120,000,000 US-based resumes are stored in job posting websites. (Statistic Brain)

  • Ninety percent of recruiters perform a Google search on candidates of interest. (Statistic Brain)

  • A recruiter will likely view your resume for about six seconds. (TheLadders)

  • About 4 million jobs are posted online every month. (Statistic Brain)

There's a new opportunity out there for you!

"I really appreciate  your thorough work and detailed explanation for every stage of the process. You have been very patient and understanding."

Beti Phifer-Houseman, Marketing Specialist



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